If you are an undergraduate or graduate student looking for some research assistant work, please email my assistant Tim <tim.j.calumba@gmail.com> with your resume/CV and a brief email statement of your interests. Most of my research involves quantitative work and my programming language of choice is R, but I also can work with students who have no programming experience as well.

Please see some resources below:

Research Assistant Positions

This section provides some resources/links to public postings of Economic/Finance Research Assistant Listings, and are not just my own search alone. In addition to these listings, you may consider looking at specific research centers within large, well-funded universities as well.

Research Assistant Alumni

I have had the privilege to work with many talented and hardworking research assistants over the years. Please see below to see what they are all up to now. 

If you are an RA alumnus and are missing from the list or are shown with incorrect or outdated information, I apologize for losing track. Please reach out so I can fix it. If no workplace is available, the RA alumnus is either looking for full-time work or still in school. If you are looking to hire anyone full-time, these are all people I would be happy to provide a reference for.

Last Update: June 2022.