This section contains resources and links to outside miscellaneous materials that I found useful when doing research or programming. 

Links in the External Programming Resources section go to sites and blog posts that do not belong to me. Links in Workflow section go to the official sites for the corresponding apps.

You can find my teaching materials in the Teaching page. For a list of teaching and research assistantship experiences, please see the CV section.

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External Programming Resources

These range from basic to intermediate R, and do not belong to me.


Conference Discussion Slides


I post my conference discussion slides here. Please contact the related authors directly for the paper or the presentation slides. Shown in reverse chronological order. In general, I try to send the slides to the presenters at least one day before the discussion.

Photo Credit: Byoung-Hyoun Hwang. Singapore Scholar Symposium, Nov 2023. NTU.


Really random stuff that are nice short breaks from work.