Research Summary

This section lists my published papers, working papers, and works in progress. Links to papers are to the publicly available version, which may not be the finalized version. Where applicable, I also share the link to the official journal version. Some projects listed in this section are not yet publicly available, but if you would like more details on a project, please feel free to send me an email. 

Research Interests: Financial Regulation, Financial Technology, Digital Economy, Networks

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Selected Published & Forthcoming Papers

Papers below are split by topic and then chronologically within topic.

Financial Regulation & Policy Design

Digital Economy and FinTech

Other Published Papers

Working Papers

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Conference Discussion Slides

I post my conference discussion slides here. Please contact the related authors directly for the paper or the presentation slides. Shown in reverse chronological order. In general, I try to send the slides to the presenters at least one day before the discussion.