Office Hours?

Please email me at bizbgc@nus.edu.sg to set a time.

New to R and want to learn?

  1. Core: R for Data Science by Garrett Grolemund & Hadley Wickham. Everything you need to know, starting from scratch.

  2. Visualization: by Claus Wilke, with everything built in R and source code available through GitHub

  3. Jenny Bryan's Introduction to using Git version control with R

  4. Advanced: For intermediate R users who are mostly self-taught. More advanced topics like code maintenance, library maintenance, version maintenance.

Teaching Materials

  1. MSc Finance Data Analytics Data Download: File 1 and File 2. Solution code to tasks.

  2. I am currently teaching FIN 3115: International Financial Management BBA course. Course materials are available through Luminus.

  3. A Decade of Cryptocurrency Hacks from 2011 to 2021.

Previous Teaching Materials

  1. Guest Lecture on Tokenomics

    • For visitors from Tsinghua University School of Economics & Management to NUS, 2019-01-15.

  2. Financial Econometrics - MBA - (Winter 2016). Chicago Booth.

    • All material used in the review sessions are available on this BitBucket repository. To get individual files without git, go to "Source".

  3. Introduction to R - (Summer 2014-2016). Chicago Booth.

    • The attached files below are all R Scripts. All materials the 2-hour sessions are available on this BitBucket repository. To get individual files without git, go to "Source". Written by RStudio. Designed for people already familiar with basic programming concepts. The scripts cover only the basics and include self-explanatory comments.

  4. Macroeconomics - MBA & Executive MBA - (Fall 2014-2015). Chicago Booth.

    • These are the slides covered in the daily review sessions following Prof John Huizinga's lectures. These are only supplement materials to the class lecture notes.

Other References (not mine)

  1. Literature Review on ESG Investing.

Teaching Tools

This links to useful teaching tools and materials. Most of the materials are not created by me.

  1. Where Work Pays: Occupations & Earnings across the United States

  2. Exam Creation Templates in LaTeX

  3. Prezi: Interactive Presentations

  4. Random Group Generator